FAQ about Tension Fabric Structures

What types of materials are used in tension fabric structures?


Our fabric structures use galvanized steel tools.  Each rod is galvanized to maintain durability.  We use this for the framing to keep our structures reliable for decades.  The fabric can be customized to fit your needs.  You can choose from a 16 oz. fabric to a 32 oz. depending on what is right for your company.


What sizes do these shelters come in?

Each shelter is customized to fit your need.  We also have pre-engineered buildings that can help you in a hurry.  Based on the space available, we can construct the shelter as big as you want.  The structures can be changed should you find yourself needing more space later down the road.



How long does installation take?


You have three options when it comes to installation.  Depending on your time frame, you can choose to construct it yourself, use your people to install it with our experienced installer by your side, or have it completed for you.  Due to the varying sizes in structures, it can take hours or days.


How much is a structure?

A lot goes into account when determining the price of these structures.  Installation, size, and material are the biggest factors in estimating the cost.  There is a structure for every budget.


What types of companies use these structures?

There are many types of applications for tension fabric structures.  Families can find a need in them as well as military bases.  Construction companies, manufacturing facilities, and marine companies are just a few of the industries that find our storage structures of great use.


Will these structures protect my equipment?

Yes, they are made to withstand top winds as well as many other elements thrown at them.  They are tested and backed by many well-known organizations.  Regardless of your needs, the structures can be customized to include doors and locks so that your equipment is protected at the highest level.


How long do they last?

Our structures are built to last.  The galvanized frames are meant to withstand decades of use in any condition.  We know you will be satisfied for years to come.


Ok, I think I’m convinced.  How do I order?

You can speak with one of our professional customer service agents by calling 1-800-330-9294.  If you are a local from Pennsylvania, you can call us at 267-239-5906.  We will gladly consult with you on your customized fabric structure.

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